Professional Learning

The Curious Nutritionist supports teachers and schools in understanding evidence based information about food and nutrition in practical and realistic terms. Teacher professional learning as well as personal development is offered from a range of topics and can be tailored to suit your needs. Workshops include understanding the literacy of nutrition and the importance of delivering positive and safe health messages about food, eating and the body.
Alternatively, you may choose from the topics listed here. The sessions run between 60-90 minutes. All day workshops can be arranged too

Effective Practice in Nutrition Education: Teaching Children About Healthy Eating

  • The rationale and aims of Health Literacy in the Victorian Curriculum
  • Current research as to how child construct health messages
  • Explore a child-centred approach to meaningful health messages
  • Useful resources

Hunger to Learn: A New Approach to Teaching Healthy Eating

  • Food literacy and its role in a healthy balanced lifestyle
  • Designing learning opportunities to support learning about food
  • Positive v problematic language about health and nutrition
  • The body positive message
  • Useful resources

Well Teachers =
Well Students

  • Boosting energy through diet quality
  • Food myths debunked
  • Stress management and diet
  • Health behaviours and self-care
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