Boosting Children’s Brain Fitness

The human brain is a fascinating organ that we continue to learn more about. The fitness of the brain is also known as cognitive fitness. Cognitive fitness is the “state of optimized ability to reason, remember, learn, plan, and adapt.”[1] Maintaining brain health and fitness relies on a number of factors; optimal nutrition, regular physical …

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An Open Letter to my Teacher

I have the privilege of working in schools in my capacity as both a teacher and nutritionist. Earlier this year I wrote an article about the over-policing of school lunch boxes that hit a nerve with many. While I am highly critical about ‘Healthy Lunch Box’ policies, I do understand where teachers are coming from …

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Mind Your Own Lunch Box

As the school year begins here in Australia so does the lunch box routine. Over the last few years school lunch boxes have become a battleground as a means to fight obesity and also to identify what’s considered healthy and unhealthy. You’ll read in mainstream media that a number of schools around Australia are implementing …

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7 Tips for Holiday Eating – Keeping Healthy with Kids

Holidays can be a tricky time for parents when it comes to feeding children. Routines and environments change so this may require new feeding decisions to be made. Even though eating is a habitual behaviour, holidays can change the food choices made due to accessibility and utilities available. Sometimes there’s a lapse in routine and …

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