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Curious Information for Schools

The Curious Nutritionist endeavors to support school communities to learn about food, bodies and health through online resources and products. This aims to provide practical and simple tools to enrich families and schools to build healthy relationships with food, promote physical activity and body positivity along with learning to navigate wider health messages.

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Curious Information for Teachers

The Curious Nutritionist supports teachers and schools in understanding evidence based information about food and nutrition in a practical and realistic terms. Teacher professional learning, learning design as well as personal development is offered from a range of topics and can be tailored to suit your school’s needs.

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Curious Information for Parents

The Curious Nutritionist delivers a variety of food, nutrition and health presentations to parents on childhood food relationships, nutrition and body esteem. The aim of these presentations is to assist parents and school communities in providing home-school links that promote health in practical and realistic ways.

Primary School Incursions

The Curious Nutritionist works with primary schools to provide nutrition and health programs that promote healthy eating through engaging students with practical ‘hands on’ learning experiences.

Curious Articles

Who is to blame for lunch box policing?

The contents of a lunch box is a contentious issue. Parents battle with what to pack to meet school policy and guidelines; children don’t always eat what’s packed, and teachers encourage and entice kids to eat what’s served while trying to provide enough time to eat. Lunch box rules about …

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‘Healthy’ is what’s OUTSIDE the lunch box

Are you ready for it? It’s the beginning of the school year here in Australia and I’m holding my breath for the onslaught of the lunch box wars. The media will provide their two cents worth with sensationalist headlines,  public health campaigns will come at us, while the food industry …

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What happens when a child’s teacher is the lunch box police?

Perspective of a teacher and nutritionist The beginning of the school year is the peak season for the lunch box debate. I’ve been a teacher for 25 years and in the last five years, I’ve noticed the increased scrutiny and obsession of healthy lunches. ‘Old school’ playground chatter amongst parents …

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Modern day superheroes in PE lessons: empowerment or oppression

Just under three years ago I started a new role as a physical education specialist teacher. Like in my previous role as a classroom teacher, including working in various leadership positions, I attend regular professional learning conferences and meetings to upskill my knowledge and skills in effective practices and pedagogy. …

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Creating Calm Classroom Mealtimes

How to implement trauma-informed care when returning to school after isolation Trauma can have a long lasting physical and mental impact. Adverse experiences and events affect children in multiple ways. Prior to entering isolation, Australia endured some of the most catastrophic bushfires we’ve ever seen. While we do consider ourselves …

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Cultivating food freedom during self isolation

During the COVID19 period you’ve been thrown the biggest curve ball of your career and work life has moved from school to your home with little time to prepare. The transition was sudden and unprecedented, thrusting you into the unknown. This unknown has heightened our awareness of how we ‘live’ …

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The Solution to Healthy Eating WITHOUT Lunch Box Policing

School lunch boxes are always up for a heated debate in the media and these conversations are sometimes replicated in the school staffroom. Everyone has an opinion, some sprout their ‘own’ expertise in nutrition, while others push for nude food or a strict adherence of lunch box rules with notes …

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The Very Hangry Teacher

There once was a teacher who was very hungry. She (or He) ate one almond, two slithers of cauliflower bread, three celery sticks, four kale leaves and five cherry tomatoes to fill the void, but soon enough discovered they were very HANGRY! So… she (or he) devoured one piece of …

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